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Benefits of Getting T-Shirts Printing at Shotz

Benefits of Getting T-Shirts Printing at Shotz

When T-shirt printing started is not known but it was during the 1950s most probably when
printing came into being just for the sake of promotion. Since then it started gaining heights
reaching every household. Now it does not need any introduction. Wearing T-shirts have become
much popular among all age groups be it a teenager or age-old person. 
In the present times, printed T-shirts have become a craze among all. Everyone wants a T-shirt with the best-printed slogan or message to convey their emotions directly or indirectly. Shotz has that emotions-filled t-shirt for all. It is not just a print but a source to reach the taste of T-shirt wearers as well as it helps promote business.
The comfort, style, and joy printed shirt at provides that no formal wear can give you.
The t-shirt printed with emotions not only lifts your mood but also makes your day amazing.
There are various modes of t-shirt printing like printing by screening, enameling, direct printing
on fabric, and using a heat press.

1. Print by screening

It is one of the best modes to get t-shirt printing done. It gives the most effective look to the print on t-shirts. Moreover, with better ink quality it is long-lasting and cost- effective as well for placing bulk orders.

2. Enameling

Though enameling is not chosen by big commercial operators it is extremely popular. With the business owners and artists of small scale. As this method provides unbelievable artistic designs, it can also be used as an optional method comparatively. It is no doubt extremely versatile because of the way we enamel the cake, similarly, we can utilize this method.

3. Direct printing on fabric

In this process ink is directly applied to the fabric. You can very easily produce any sort of pattern you could. You can also use as many colors or photos including the fabric painting. Without so and so set up you can smoothly reproduce one design after another.

4. Spilling printing

It is a process whereby the color is applied rather than removing it. For this process, we require a stencil to save the designed portion of the shirt, and the rest of the part is bleached. Once it is done it gives a super creative and stylish look to the t-shirt.

5. By using heat press

This heat press printing is a very efficient and accurate mode for t-shirt printing. It not saves time but also saves resources. You can use crepe paper while using the heat press method as it can very smoothly transfer the design of the required pattern to the t-shirt being used for printing. Apart from this, even vinyl can be used as crepe paper as it is adhesive based. It can be peeled off easily from the opposite side leaving the design perfectly engraved on the t-shirt.

Well, it all depends on your needs as how many shirts you require and on which type of cloth you need printing to be done, not ignoring the durability. So it is up to the client to think and decide. We at Shotz provide the best-printed accessories. It is provided both in retail and wholesale. Not only t-shirt printing it also provides printing on mugs, caps, mouse pads, etc.

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