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Custom t-shirts are becoming popular these days, so we have decided to provide the perfect solution for all your custom t-shirt printing needs. At Shotz Print and Media, we offer the highest quality custom t-shirt printing in India. We use the latest technology to ensure that every t-shirt is printed with the utmost precision. Our t-shirt printing service is fast, efficient, affordable and available to all. We also offer free samples to allow you to see how our t-shirt printing will look before you commit. We have an experienced team of customer service representatives who will assist you throughout the entire process. When you order from us, you can be sure that your t-shirts are made from the best materials.

Our Custom T-Shirt Printing Process
When we create your order, we print the first t-shirts using a large format printer to produce proof of the final design. This allows us to ensure that the design is crisp and the colours are accurate. Once approved by you, the order goes to our production department. They use a smaller format printer to begin printing on a variety of fabrics to ensure that the finished product looks the same as the original artwork. Once all the shirts have been printed, they are sent to the cutting room where we carefully cut each t-shirt to ensure the best fit for you.
When the shirts arrive at the customer service department, our expert staff will carefully inspect them to make sure that they are ready for delivery. We do our best to deliver your products on time and have many shipping options so that you get them quickly. Our prices are competitive and we offer the best quality services at great value for money. So, if you are looking to have custom t-shirts printed with logos or text, then we are here to help.

Why Should You Buy Customized T-Shirts Online?
People who have purchased a Custom t-shirt Printing Online in the past know that they are getting a unique and high-quality product. A custom t-shirt also allows you to have something that is uniquely yours. A personalized t-shirt is something that you can wear every day and not worry about it being the same thing as everyone else. By customizing your own t-shirt, you can express yourself, and your personality, and be more unique than others who are wearing the same shirts. Customized t-shirts are also a smart choice for promoting your brand, selling merchandise, fundraising, marketing campaigns, employee giveaways, and more.
The most important reason is that it is very easy to buy and order custom t-shirts online. We have made the entire process of ordering a customized t-shirt extremely simple and easy. If you need to order custom t-shirts online, you need to do just three things. First, you need to visit the online store, place your order and pay for your order. Next, you will be asked to choose the design, colors, and size of the t-shirt. Finally, once you complete this step, you can sit back and relax while we work on your order. It is that easy. We can also provide a range of sizes to suit all your needs, from small to large sizes. So, you can choose the best size for your body type and get exactly what you want.

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We can print simple designs on the front of the t-shirt or complex designs like logos and names on the back. We also have an array of printing options available. For example, you can choose from a selection of text styles, including standard, bold, and italic, as well as a selection of colors. Another option is our half-tone printing, which allows you to use different color tones. You can even upload your artwork if you do not have a design in mind. If you prefer, you can ask us for help in designing your t-shirt. It is really up to you. But we do have an extensive range of t-shirt templates, so you can start designing right away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom T-shirts 
1. What should I look for when buying custom t-shirts?
The first thing you should look for is the quality of the fabric. You want to make sure that the fabric is thick and durable.

2. How do I choose my design?
The best way to choose your design is by choosing a theme. For example, if you want to be a superhero, you can choose a superhero theme. Or if you want to be a cartoon character, you can choose a cartoon character theme.

3. How much does it cost to design a custom t-shirt?
Many factors determine how much a custom t-shirt costs. The size of the t-shirt, the type of material, the color, the number of colors, the design, the quality of the artwork, the quantity, the type of printing, the style, the time frame, the shipping method, the quantity ordered, and the shipping location all affect the price.

5. What should I consider when ordering a custom t-shirt?
When you order a custom t-shirt, you should consider the following: the size of the t-shirt, the type of fabric, the quantity ordered, and the shipping location.

5. What is the difference between screen printing and direct-to-garment printing?
Screen printing is done by hand and uses a stencil to apply the ink. Direct-to-garment printing is done by machine and applies the ink directly to the material.

6. How long does it take to get my custom t-shirt?
The time it takes to produce your custom t-shirt depends on the size, the quantity, the color, and the style.

7. Can I customize my t-shirt?
Yes, you can. You can have any kind of text on it, from any color, and you can have as many colors as you want.

8. How can I get the most out of my custom t-shirt?
The most important thing is to make sure your t-shirt is comfortable. You don’t want to be wearing something too tight.

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