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How to Style your Fashion During Monsoon?

How to Style your Fashion During Monsoon?

The much-awaited season after the summer is monsoon. The fragrance of the first rainfall after the summer season is no doubt the most beautiful experience one would love. With the rain, the fear of getting wet also causes worry, and the biggest worry is what to be worn in the monsoon while going out as well as keeping the fashion intact with it.
But you need not care for the rain so much. Here we bring for you some amazing fashion looks to make you look more stylish and dashing as well as keep you cozy and easily match with your choice printed T-shirt.

Cotton – the best buddy of monsoon

Cotton is light and easy to carry in monsoon. So you can opt cotton t-shirt as daily wear along with shorts. A dark color t-shirt will be the best choice to give stylish look in the monsoon.

Do away with jeans

Jeans are good to wear but during the monsoon, it is not that much comfortable because of their thick cloth. It takes time to dry up once it is wet. So what should be opted to wear along with the t-shirt instead of jeans, here you can opt for shorts if you are comfortable with them, if not choose loose
baggie pants or cotton trousers.

Windbreaker – the best choice

During the monsoon season, the windbreaker is the best replacement for a jacket. It is a quite well-known fact that, if windbreakers are worn with t-shirts during monsoon it will be an additional attraction to your style. Moreover, the windcheater can also help you to guard against rain.

Cozy and airy footwear style

One more trendy style in the rainy season can be your footwear. Choose airy, lightweight, and cozy footwear to hang out in rain without any worry. These are not only comfortable but also keep your clothes away from stains. Choose dark color sandals or floaters.

Waterproof watches

Wearing a waterproof watch is an essential part of acing your style with other accessories. It should be classy, stylish, and rain resistant. This standard item will add a grand look to your monsoon style.

Umbrella – your rain protector

How can one forget an umbrella? For ages, it has been the best friend of people against rain. So while moving out during the monsoon your umbrella also can be added with your other accessories to style your fashion. Remember to choose a printed and colorful umbrella according to
your dressing style and T-shirt printing can help to match with umbrella look.

Shorts – a unique monsoon style

Shorts are also one of the best choices one can go for. It may not be considered to wear to offices but when going to malls and grocery, it will be the best style. Add a perfect blend of t-shirts and shorts and you will be styling the unique look to turn everyone’s heads.

So now, when the monsoon approaches one need not worry about what to wear and how to carry on with your daily stylish look. Because Shotz is your destination to look at, where we help you to be in style in monsoon as well with print on T-shirts, and caps that match with other accessories and clothes.

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